We here at TimerCap know how difficult it can be, so we have created a kit that can make your path to quit smoking even easier. 


We would like to help you embark into a new chapter full of awareness and healthier choices. Take a look at our complete kit and begin your journey today.

QUIT Smoking TimerCap Kit
QUIT Smoking TimerCap Kit and Its Benefits
Logo space for coalitions and organizations.
The stopwatch on the cap will inform you of the last time you had a cigarette.
Room on the label to remind yourself how long to wait in between each cigarette.
Informs users of what is included in their kit.
Logo space for coalitions and organizations.
Instructions on how to properly use the TimerCap and other items included in your kit.
Write down the dates one wishes to start their quit smoking program. 
Write down how many hours or minutes you choose to wait in between each cigarette.
Write down why you choose to quit smoking as a reminder to continue your progress.
Tracker form will allow you to track what time of day and how long in between you are waiting to smoke a cigarette.
Track what mood and trigger pushed you to crave a cigarette.
Also, track how strong your need is in order to help recognize what patterns push smoking and how to change them.