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What Coalitions Say About TimerCap

Protecting Homes and Families From Rx Abuse


TimerCap's Medication Misuse Prevention Kits are the perfect tool in assisting families and communities in preventing medication abuse and mistakes. Its patented design makes it both intuitive and simple to use. You can now track the time a pill bottle was last opened, down to the exact minute! It is as easy as closing the cap to start the timer and opening the cap to stop the timer.

​Families and communities can have peace of mind in knowing how easy it can be to stay on top of taking medications as prescribed, detect unexpected openings, and deter others from experimenting.


Customized Kits Available

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"I would highly recommend TimerCaps to any coalition who is trying to raise funds.”

Heidi Driscoll/Coordinator of South Kingston Partnership for Prevention

“TimerCaps are very useful, serve a unique purpose, and should be used because they are effective.” 

Nora Drexler - President CEO of Coalition Pathways, Inc. 

"This is beneficial for both remembering when the last dose