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TimerCap encourages questions,

so please contact us at anytime.

Putting a child resistant ring on a TimerCap
Taking off the child resistant ring
A TimerCap Introduction
New Horizon - Assembly of TimerCaps - High Res

Q: Will the TimerCap tell me when my medication was last opened?

TimerCap’s intuitive and simple patented stopwatch allows you to track every time a pill bottle is opened down to the second. This is to ensure that you’re taking your medication at the right time. This feature also helps with detecting/deterring unwanted openings. 


Q: Does TimerCap have an alarm?

TimerCap’s do not include an alarm function. Our caps allow you to track when the last time the bottle was opened. 


Q: Will TimerCap tell me when it’s time for my next dosage?

TimerCap will track when the last time your prescription bottle was opened. This will help you keep track of your last dosage to avoid any medication mistakes. 


Q: Are TimerCaps child proof? 

Yes, we have several caps that are child proof for your families’ safety. Please review our list of products to find one that is right for you. 


Q: How do I pick the right size?

TimerCap is available in several different sized bottles to fit your needs. Please review our list of products to ensure you’re getting the right size for your needs. 


Q: Will TimerCap work with my CVS/RiteAid bottles?

Yes, we offer TimerCap bottles in different sizes that can fit major retailer’s bottles. Please see our list of products to see which is right for you. 


Q: Can I buy TimerCap in bulk for my coalition?

TimerCap’s are available in large quantities for coalitions, organizations or pharmacies. 


Q: Can I customize TimerCap with my organization’s logo? 

Yes, you can request a sample of our TimerCap with your organizations logo.

Q: Is the battery replaceable? 

The D style TimerCap features a replaceable LR41 battery, but not all TimerCaps.


Q: What kind of battery do I need to replace? 

The TimerCap D style uses a LR41 battery. 


Q: I have medications that require refrigeration. Can I put TimerCap in the fridge? 

TimerCap is safe to use in your refrigerator. 


Q: Is TimerCap dishwasher safe? 

It is not recommended you put your TimerCap in the dishwasher. However all bottles can be washed. 


Q: I already have prescription bottles. Can I buy just the TimerCap?

Yes, please review our product page to see which TimerCap is right for you. 

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