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TimerCap’s mission is to be the first lines of defense for families and communities to help reduce and eliminate prescription misuse.

Learn more about our proven to lower opioid and prescription misuse scripts in order to change the conversation in your community. Let us join together to bring peace of mind to your home and community.

TimerCap Mission

Meet Larry Twersky, CEO

In the face of the U.S. healthcare challenges, Larry Twersky immediately recognized the importance of TimerCap, and the broad impact it could have on millions of lives. Larry serves as TimerCap's Chief Executive Officer where his primary role is keeping the team focused on the company’s mission to

  • Engage on current healthcare challenges.

  • Connect TimerCap as a solution to where healthcare technology and pharmacy meet.

  • Bring TimerCap products to the market.

TimerCap LLC creates solution driven products that result in improved healthcare.

Larry Twersky CEO timercap opioid prevention coaliton

"As early as I can remember, my mom was addicted to prescription medication and I saw first-hand how addiction can badly affect a family. Our company is dedicated to providing simple to use tools in order to help families monitor medication use, discourage experimentation with prescription drugs and to detect medication abuse/misuse."

Larry Twersky, CEO of TimerCap

TimerCap, A Great Resource For Coalitions

TimerCap has collaborated with coalitions all across the world in order to promote vigilance against prescription abuse. TimerCap's intuitive design makes for the perfect tool. By providing patients with the ability to measure their dosage safely, TimerCap allows them to detect and deter unwanted openings.

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