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A Clear Solution for Affordable Rx Storage Safety

Wide-Mouth Prescription Misuse Prevention Kit
now available in clear bottles.

“I would highly recommend TimerCaps to any coalition who is trying to raise funds.

-Heidi Driscoll

Coordinator of South Kingston Partnership for Prevention

Learn how South Kingstown Partnership Prevention used TimerCap to help their community.

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Secrets To Get Parents to Listen!

Get Parents, Teens, and Seniors to Listen!


This free download was developed and refined by coalitions to get families to listen more often. 


This free script and guidelines will teach you how to better talk and engage people on prevention. 

Free Prescription Misuse Prevention Kit Sample

See for yourself why these Prescription Misuse Prevention Kits are so popular. 
Each sample will include everything you need to spread awareness for your teams review. 
Get started now by filling out your information below!


*Free samples are for organization coalitions, prevention agencies, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, long-term care, PrEP, HIV prevention, or other qualified groups that have the need or mission to reduce or eliminate misuse/abuse in the home and search for a better way to reach their community about misuse prevention. These sample kits are for evaluation purposes, so only one per organization. 

If you are not a coalition or an organization, please click here!

Thanks for your request, we will contact you within the next business day if we have questions 

Misuse Prevention for HIV/PrEP

Misuse prevention for PrEP/+ kits makes sure patients know the last time a pill was taken for their protection and safely discuss with their partner openly. 


TimerCap HIV/Prep kits are a great addition to any organization spreading the word on where...

  • to get more info on PrEP

  • to get tested and treated

  • to enroll in a PrEP program

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