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Just because it's Child Resistant,

doesn't mean it's Teen Resistant!




We're Changing the Conversation

Motivating the community to be vigilant about their medication is something coalitions struggle with all the time. TimerCap has dedicated countless hours into working with coalitions to design a turn-key kit and a free downloadable script, that covers the most important issues about preventing prescription misuse. With patient safety in mind, we have created a cost-effective tool that drastically increases the number of homes protected.



When starting with statistics, most parents will give you the glazing eyes along with “Well, not in my home.” Instead of starting with statistics of people they don't know or can not relate to, try starting the conversation centered on the person taking the medication and their safety.

“Has anyone in your home ever forgotten if they did or did not take their medication?”

This sparks people to raise their hands in large meetings or it starts a very productive one on one conversation as the answer is almost always “Yes,” followed up with a story of who and how it affected the person. Download our free script and use it at your next big event. Coalitions have seen amazing results using this script and the misuse prevention kits to create awareness and change to their communities.

We Would Like to Help Spread Your Message

Visit your local billboard company and pitch your coalition with our free online downloadable script and see if a billboard can be donated to your cause and at no extra cost to you. Oh, and did we mention that we have pre-made designs that you can use. View below our pre-made "Put a Lid on It!" campaign billboards with space for your coalitions name and contact information. Spread awareness at any bus stop, highway, major freeway or parking locations.

Let us work together to Put a Lid on prescription misuse. 

FREE Publicity - "Put a Lid on It!"

Use “Put a Lid on It!” if you are looking to...

  • Create more prevention in homes

  • Find a better way to talk to parents

  • Create a call to action for your community

  • Have a design for Billboards/News/TV

Teen Prescription Misuse
Accidental Addiction
Elderly Care
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