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CRDC Putting the Lid on Unwanted Drugs

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Timer Cap, Lock Box

Help Curb Drug Overuse

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Timer Caps: Putting the

Lid on Opioid Abuse

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Unique Travel Gadgets

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Pushing Lawmakers to Make 'TimerCaps' Mandatory on

All Prescription Pill Bottles

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Timer Caps Could Help Put a Lid on Drug Epidemic

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Technologies to Prevent

Drug Diversion Gain Traction 

Amidst Opioid Crisis

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Exclusive Interview with Larry Twersky, Serial Entrepreneur

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New Timer Cap

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CEO of TimeCap LLC Talks Regulating & Monitoring Medication Implementation

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Digital Caps Help Time Your Prescription Intake 

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Pill-Cap Timers Can Help in Battle Against Addiction

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Larry Twersky Talks About Invention to Help Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

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Cut Out the clutter with These Great Organizational Gadgets

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TimerCap was Featured

on WTSP 10 News

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TimerCap Helps Prevent Opioid Abuse by Tracking Time Between Doses

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CVS Implements Steps To Combat Opioid Epidemic...

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One Opioid Strategy: Stop Abuse Before it Starts

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