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* Each kit includes:


  • 3 TimerCap Wide Mouth EZ-Twist Caps (Not Child Resistant) 
    • A Child Resistant bottle will fit inside making it household safe when needed. 
  • 3 Wide Mouth bottle (1 3/4" wide by 3 1/8" deep)
  • Medication Tracker
  • Prescription Misuse Prevention Tips
  • Instructions

*fits almost all 13/16 dram standard pharmacy bottles used today.

Batteries last 12-18 months, depending on use.


These Wide Mouth Misuse Prevention Kits are designed for patients to take an existing medication bottle*, place it inside the included container, and close the TimerCap on top. The quickest and simplest method to protect your medication. 


Not only will you be able still to see all the original label and safety information, but the LCD display will also continuously show the last time closed down to the minute.  Stay protected without ever needing to remove medication from its original bottle and labeling. 


TimerCap's Misuse Prevention Kits are the perfect tool to assist anyone (even the most technically challenged) in preventing medication misuse, accidental overdosing, experimenting, forgetting, or other mistakes related to taking medication as prescribed.


With the TimerCaps patented design, there is nothing to program, no alarms to set, and best of all, there is absolutely zilch to remember as the TimerCap will keep track of the last time the bottle was opened down to the minute! It's as easy as closing the cap to start the automatic timer, and it will continue for the next 100 hours or until the next time the bottle is opened.


Whether you take a medication once, twice, three, four, five six, times a day or take as needed, TimerCap works like magic, and yet there is still nothing to program.


With all the unfortunate opioid abuse and prescription misuse statistics, it is more important today to protect the whole family and friends as much as the patient. TimerCap helps you detect if others have been into your medication to discourage kids from wanting to experiment (get caught), as you can see to the minute when the cap was last opened.


Now families can have peace of mind knowing it's easy to stay on top of taking medications and providing added safety to the home.


  • Accessible to Use: No alarms & nothing to program or set. Just close the TimerCap, and the stopwatch automatically counts up the seconds, minutes, and hours so you can be confident in knowing the exact time it was last opened.


  • Safety: Wide Mouths come in EZ-Twist Off (red), including various top colored labels to quickly identify one medication from another. 

  • Perfect for Travel: These TimerCaps easily organize your pill medication, a bottle to go through TSA, take on the road, different time zones, or pilferage from hospitality workers handling your bags. Taking medication can now be anxiety-free and straightforward.

Wide Mouth Kit - 3 Pack - Fit Any Rx Inside*

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