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Q: How do I add/remove the child-resistant ring?

A: Mail-Order TimerCaps can be easily converted from EZ-Twist to Child Resistant.


Adding the child-resistant ring:​​

  1. With the TimerCap on the bottle, fit the child-resistant ring over the bottle. The ring should fit snugly but on top of the TimerCap.

  2. Turn the bottle upside down on a sturdy table/surface.

  3. Press downward on the bottle with your palm until you hear a click. The ring should now spin independently of the bottle.

  4. Done!


Removing the child-resistant ring:

  1. With the TimerCap off the bottle, place the TimerCap on a sturdy table/surface.

  2. Turn the bottle upside down and place it on top of the TimerCap

  3. Press downward on the bottle with your palm until you hear a click. The ring should separate from the TimerCap easily.

  4. Done!

Q: How do I replace the battery?

A: Mail-Order TimerCaps use LR-41 batteries (commonly used as hearing aid batteries) and are very simple to replace!

  1. Turn over TimerCap. Pry open the bottom disk with an eyeglass screwdriver.

  2. Remove a screw holding the battery clip and slide to access the battery

  3. Replace LR-41 battery, slide metal back & attach screw

  4. Done!

Q: What is TimerCap?

A: TimerCap is a medication reminder device that helps users remember when they took their last dose of medication by using an LCD stopwatch that displays the time the bottle was last opened.

Q: How does TimerCap work?

A: TimerCap uses an electronic stopwatch that starts counting the time as soon as the medication bottle is closed and stops when the bottle is opened. The device displays the elapsed time so the user can keep track of their medication schedule.

Q: Is TimerCap easy to use?

A: Yes, TimerCap is very easy to use. Place it on top of your medication bottle and start using it. The device does not require any setup or programming.

Q: How does TimerCap help with medication adherence?

A: TimerCap helps improve medication adherence by providing a visual reminder of the last time the medication was taken. This can help individuals stick to their medication regimen and avoid missing doses.

Q: Is TimerCap suitable for all types of medication bottles?

A: TimerCap is designed to fit most standard-sized mail-order medication bottles. However, it is always best to check the product specifications to ensure it fits your bottle. All TimerCaps include a bottle with every cap to ensure your medications are protected regardless of what pharmacy you use!

Q: Is there anything to reset on TimerCap?

A: No, there is nothing to reset on TimerCap. Open and close the bottle and the device will automatically reset and start counting the elapsed time again.

Q: Is TimerCap waterproof?

A: TimerCap is not waterproof, so it should be kept away from water to avoid damage.

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